Baseball/Softball - Clinics

Youth Clinics

These clinics will provide athletes the chance to build the skills needed to catch, throw, hit, and run for success on the field. Advanced skills will be implemented through out the clinic in each category. These clinics are designed for any athlete at any skill level to enjoy and build confidence in all aspects of the game. Fun games will be included through out each day such as kickball, whiffle ball, and home run derby.

Advanced Hitting/Pitching

Athletes will endure a faster pace learning base of the fundamentals in these sessions.

Coaches Clinic

Volunteer coaches at the youth level have a very hard task at hand coaching youth sports. The game of baseball/softball is very complex. At the highest levels of the game a MLB team has over 10 different coaches all doing 10 different coaching tasks. This is nearly impossible for any coach to do efficiently at any level. In the winter and spring we host coaching clinics that focus on how to run practices, teach fundamentals, and talk about philosophy as a coach running a team. Any head or assistant coach is welcome to attend each clinic. Coach attendance is provided through each league's annual membership.

Umpire Academy

NLP Umpire Academy was launched to encourage our local youth who love the game of baseball/softball to become future umpires. The academy is designed to teach the skills, rules, and disciplines to be a confident leader on the field. Each youth umpire will have the guidance of a veteran umpire year-round to mentor them on their umpire career.

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