Volleyball Tournaments

Thank you for your interest in our Servin' Into Spring Tournament Series. You will find our Boys and Girls play dates listed below. Registration and payment can be completed using AES and searching the desired division and tournament series (i.e. 14-16U Servin' Into Spring Tournament Series) OR by emailing the tournament director directly at ksporteventseries@gmail.com. These tournaments are hosted at The Point Community Center, located at 2595 10th st. N., Kalamazoo, MI 49009. Tournaments will consist of two pools of 8 teams and will ensure each team plays at least 4 matches. Each pool play match will be two sets to 25 points with a cap at 27. Any crossover and/ or bracket play matches will play best two of three sets, the first two to 25 with a cap at 27 and the third set to 15 with a cap at 17 if needed. We look forward to hosting you soon!

Girls Dates

18 Mar 2023 14U
20 May 2023 12U
25 Mar 2023 12U
06 May 2023 14U

Boys Dates

11 Mar 2023 18U
03 Jun 2023 15U
29 Apr 2023 15U
13 May 2023 18U