Volleyball Teams

Club Teams

Next Level Performance’s premier club travel teams provide an environment where student-athletes are able to improve their performance on and off the court. We use the vehicle of athletic competition to develop leadership and character in every Next Level athlete.

With a focus on improving each student-athlete’s fundamental skills, our quality coaches will help your student-athlete achieve their highest potential. Each coach is well versed in teaching the proper biomechanics and technique of their sport, giving student-athletes the toolbox to succeed during the club travel season and in their respective school programs.

Once you have accepted a position with NLP, we are unable to refund your payment.

AAU Membership

Before participating in a Next Level Volleyball team, all student-athletes must join AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) as an athlete member. The cost is $16, which provides the student-athlete with insurance coverage under the AAU. Student-athletes must complete this membership online at: AAUvolleyball.org Membership. Please enter Next Level Performance’s AAU club code with your student-athletes’ registration.

Next Level Performance AAU Club Code = W37BD4

After completing AAU member registration, all student-athletes must bring a printed proof of membership with them to their first Next Level volleyball practice in order to participate. 

Current Team Rosters:


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