The Case for Margin in a Student’s Life

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Repost from Growing Leaders by Tim Elmore I’ve noticed a subtle pattern in college and high school students. I wonder if you’ve seen it too. Over the past year, I’ve marveled at what kids find humorous. At times, I’m startled at the misfortunes — even “fails” — that kids watch on YouTube and find funny. Recently, I formed an informal … Read More

The Power of “YET”

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 By Co-Founder & Director of Athlete Development, Tim Hiller When it comes to working with student-athletes, as we do at Next Level Performance, there are two different approaches to coaching, mentoring, and developing future leaders—a performance approach or a mastery approach. These terms were developed by Dr. Amber Strain, the Senior Director of Cognitive Science at Decooda, and as you’ll … Read More

Chris Borland: A Case Study in Long-Term Thinking

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Repost from Growing Leaders by Tim Elmore Today—I’d like to start a conversation. It’s about long-term thinking, and it’s inspired by a move that NFL player Chris Borland recently made. There is a deeper principle behind the move… and it has two sides to it. I want to know your thoughts. Perhaps you heard the news: San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris … Read More

Helping Athletes Navigate a Short-Term, Shortcut Mindset

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Repost from Growing Leaders by Tim Elmore I just spoke at an event for NCAA coaches and staff. During the day, I took part in a conversation about how coaches have changed their approach to recruiting and leading high school athletes, now that the TGIF Generation (Twitter, Google, Instagram and Facebook) has emerged. Coaches face challenges they didn’t have to … Read More

The Real S.H.O.W. in Athletics

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“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8 I don’t know about you, but I struggled to get to sleep last night. I felt a deep pit in my stomach. And the source of my illness was the show … Read More

What’s Better Than a Competitive Spirit?

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Repost from Growing Leaders by Tim Elmore Oregon quarterback, Marcus Mariota, is one of the nicest college athletes you’ll ever meet. His talent is unquestioned, as this year’s winner of the Heisman trophy. His teammates talk, however, about how restrained he is; how he picks up his own and other people’s trash on the ground; how he hands out food … Read More

A Leadership Lesson from the Playoff-Bound Vicksburg High School Bulldogs

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Dalton Ketelaar remembers it like it was yesterday: “Our whole team went through speed and agility training with Next Level,” said the Bulldogs’ senior quarterback.  “We were together all summer long in the leadership development sessions.  We talked about how we can lead and what our goals were.” “And here we are.” The “here” Ketelaar is referring to is the … Read More