We are excited to offer Futsal at the Dome in partnership with TKO Premier SC!

Futsal is an indoor version of soccer that sees five players per side (including goalies) and utilizes a smaller, heavier ball. The game is played on a hard, indoor surface which is roughly one-ninth the size of a regulation outdoor pitch. There are boundary lines like usual soccer. With the limited space and the less bouncy ball, technical and tactical play becomes crucial. With the spacing, the game is less about running and more about playing. Players have the opportunity to play under pressure and manipulate the ball to be successful.

Our Futsal sessions are open to all athletes interested in off season training and improving their technical skills. The sessions will be run by Neil Ridgway and TKO certified coaches. Registration is limited to 12 players per field, with two fields to play on. Fields will divided by boys & girls unless there are not enough players and we need to form coed groups. If your age group is not listed, and you have a group looking for training, please touch base with us and we will see where we can fit you in!


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