What People Are Saying

“I was very pleased to see how happy and confident Tony was after your session. This is exactly what Tony needs. Much appreciated!” 

-Brad Parlato, parent

“Well done! Bravo! He’s hooked! What a wonderful gift you are giving these young athletes.”

-Sarah Johanssen, parent

“I believe what you are doing is so important in the lives of kids who need strength and guidance before they leave home for college.” 

-Camille Hoekstra, parent

“I personally wanted to thank you, your parents, your colleagues, and Next Level Performance for your radical hospitality.”

-Mike Tilmon, Kalamazoo Valley Community College Basketball

“We were with another club before this and our daughter said: ‘I learned more in one week here than in the previous 3 months prior to this!”

-Merrie Topp, parent

“From an AD perspective, it was exactly what I was looking for in trying to draw leadership skills from our athletes. The information presented sticks with the students.”
“This has been a wonderful experience! We are so very excited for this new season with Next Level!”
“You and your staff are extremely professional and I am grateful that my family can be part of your mission.”
“You have won her over – she loves your organization. Keep doing what you are doing as it seems to matter to the kids.”
“You and your partners should be commended – stick with it and keep up the great work, I see you all going very far with this. So happy my daughter has had the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program.”